It is a medical treatment that is used to destroy fat cells by freezing them. It claims to use extremely low temperature to kill the fat cells without damaging the skin.
Vacuum Therapy
The vacuum creates a low atmospheric pressure increasing the blood supply and circulation to the cellulite and fat prone areas of the lower body.
Ultrasonic Cavitation
The treatment is safe, involves no pain and it is non-invasive. It is a safe procedure that can remove fat deposits from the abdomen, chin, arms, buttocks and thighs without any pain..
Lipo - Laser
Laser for fat reduction that uses the 650KHz soft laser to destroy the deep fat cells which breaks the cell membrane and changes the fat to triglyceride then leaves out body, thanks to metabolism.
It is a non chemical & non invasive procedure that uses a spray of micro crystals to remove the outer most layer of dry dead skin cells and reveals younger, healthier skin.
Hi Lipo
Hi - Lipo Cavitation is a fast and a non surgical type of liposuction that is becoming very popular today.
EMS (Electronic muscle stimulation)
This electronic muscle stimulation exercises your muscles, helps you lose weight and firms your skin, bringing you charming body lines.
Radio frequency
One of the best non surgical fat reduction technologies is radio frequency.
G5 Massager
It improves blood circulation and it is excellent for reducing excess fluids and toning.
Steam Therapy